Hello one and all,

A little history about this company. Learning that raising two children is quite expensive, I started to load ammunition to save money, this was in 1992. I moved to Pennsylvania in 2004 and found that several friends here where commenting on the quality of ammunition I produced. After years of persistence, asking me to start an ammunition company, I did so in 2010.

I found odd calibers were of grater interest because of there niche. I'm currently able to keep up with demand and, as of June 2016, I'm expanding to add mail order to the roster of activities offered. I've been slowly adding to this web site over time. You can find some of Straight Shooter's ammunition for sale at gunbroker.com. There, I place a caliber or two for sale to see how sales go. I do not want to overextend myself which would disappoint customers with longer wait times for product.

Since higher velocity ammo is in abundance. I decided on a target load ammunition for my lead Semi-wad cutters. These semi wad cutter, flat points and round nose ammunition calibers are good for extended shooting before tiring, teaching new shooters and those interested in Cowboy action shooting. Straight Shooter's jacketed ammunition are full velocity loads.

I look for feedback from my customers as to bullet weight(s), speed, crimp, poly coating or whatever the customer is interested in giving. It all helps bring a desirable product(s) to market.

I thank you for spending the time to read this page and hope I can serve your shooting needs.


John M. Muller


Straight Shooter Ammunition LLC

Oaks Gun Show

       Oaks PA

24-26 Mar 2017

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